Don’t waste linking opportunities

There are two types of links, those that connect different websites together, & those that take you to a piece of information on the same website. Don’t waste them. Some thoughts about how to do that.

Scanning web pages

User Experience: Busy web visitors extract information objectively & quickly in milliseconds, during which time they will either decide to stay or leave

Getting to the top of Google

Check out what keywords are popular in google searches around your subject and use them in your heading. Check out this related post about SEO and headings …

Newsworthy blog posts

A regular Newsletter makes great reading when it’s on a blog. Ideas around making it interesting, and making it easy to read for your visitors.

Use headings in website copy

Pages and blogs need headings because they provide a visual hierarchy to the page. With this in place, the reader can scan quickly and pick out the information he needs or jump from section to section.

How to optimize images

How long it takes to load a web page will affect its position in the Google search engine results page (SERP).  Moving towards faster page load speeds is all part of web performance optimization and one trick to help this along the way is to optimize images for the web.