Building quality links for your website

Build quality links to bring in to the traffic to your neat, new website. We’re definitely not looking for a high number of links in to your website, irrespective of their quality or relevance – that’s called Spam. On the other hand, quality links from other relevant sites will give you greater authenticity contributing towards page promotion in this noisy digital world.

A new website is a little like a free-floating island. People will only be visiting it if you let them know it’s there or if they heard about it from someone else. Okay, so this is going to make the island-website most exclusive, but it’s not enough to climb up Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Quality content is essential in getting to the top of a Google SERP and linking in to your site from elsewhere is key in giving weight to your copy and helping push it up the page of results.

Start building your links

The first steps in building great links is to link out yourself. If you’re blogging about a great new recipe idea you’ve created, link out to experts in your field from your blog post.

Doing this, you’re creating a backlink to their site – you’re linking to competitive and relevant content.

Tip your hat and give generous acknowledgment to others’ great ideas. Good practice and good manners will probably get you a ‘thank you’, and slowly you start to build raport and relationships with other experts online.

Be Sociable

Encourage your visitors to talk about your page via the little ‘share’ buttons. This sends off a ‘ping’ about you to their entire network, encouraging more traffic back inwards.

Who’s watching you now?

In time, others will backlink to you and these inbound links, effectively, tell you who’s paying attention.

This is why it’s so important to build links to and from reputable sources. Search programs used by search engines companies to rank pages will measure each website’s relevance to each other in terms of the focal keywords used. If a high ranking website or page is linking to you, you must be worth watching.

Are comments good?

Real, useful comments from real people are good, yes, but many aren’t. I highly recommend that you set your ‘Discussion’ settings so that all comments are routed to you to verify & publish rather than having them published automatically.

Look at the content. Has the text obviously been through a google translate? Which region does the comment come from and could their business in any way be a reputable link for yours? Is their business relevant to yours? Does the comment include a link back to their website. Guess what they’re trying to do?!

‘Thanks’ & build a relationship

When you do get a genuine comment, reply to it and don’t forget to thank the visitor.  Build up the relationship and quality links between you will follow.