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Website design is the careful planning and thought that goes into creating a website: a window into your company from the outside world. The layout and design needs to be engaging. The content needs to be intruiging. The website needs to be easy to navigate. It must be clear what the call to action is. So, what do you want your visitors to do and how do you want them to interact with you? Do you want them to contact you or to buy from you? Visitors will be either delighted or frustrated by the design of a website, which will create a lasting impression and determine whether they visit again or not. Or indeed, whether they spend any of their money with you.

Web design

Don’t waste linking opportunities

There are two types of links, those that connect different websites together, & those that take you to a piece of information on the same website. Don’t waste them. Some thoughts about how to do that.

Getting to the top of Google

Check out what keywords are popular in google searches around your subject and use them in your heading. Check out this related post about SEO and headings …

Use headings in website copy

Pages and blogs need headings because they provide a visual hierarchy to the page. With this in place, the reader can scan quickly and pick out the information he needs or jump from section to section.


Navigation is there to tell your visitors what’s where. But there’s a traditional way to do it, which doesn’t necessarily lead to sales, and there’s a marketeer’s way to do it – taking him straight to where you want him. And here’s how it’s done:

page design

At some point or another, we all have to rethink the contents of our web pages. Trends and fads on what goes where change each year – and there are good reasons for that! Here are some …

the contact page

When we’re scanning websites, the ‘Contact’ page is often one of the first places we check out. How do I ask a question? Where are they located? Who can I call? Make it easy for your visitor to find that information quickly. Visitors gather a lot of information from your contact page; you can make it really work for you. Here’s how:

Ticketing software and the Guildford Beer Festival

The Guildford Beer Festival’s website has been developed for the Guildford Cricket Club using WordPress and Event Espresso‘s ticketing software solutions by us here at Dee Stevens Web Studio. Find out how it’s all been put together.