Website Management articles

Website management is about working on websites to keep them up-to-date and fresh. This keeps visitors engaged, because if the content’s good, they’ll come back for more. It also keeps search engines visiting too in order to re-crawl and update their index for search engine results. Furthermore, websites also need to have regular updates to software and security, and regular reviews of site speed and SEO performance. Regular updates along with a website’s good performance go a long way to increase its position in the search results page.

Website management

Scanning web pages

User Experience: Busy web visitors extract information objectively & quickly in milliseconds, during which time they will either decide to stay or leave

Newsworthy blog posts

A regular Newsletter makes great reading when it’s on a blog. Ideas around making it interesting, and making it easy to read for your visitors.

How to optimize images

How long it takes to load a web page will affect its position in the Google search engine results page (SERP).  Moving towards faster page load speeds is all part of web performance optimization and one trick to help this along the way is to optimize images for the web.

Refreshing website copy

A better website with minimal fuss: prove you’re alive & well, increase visitors’ interest, take control & do what you can yourself, rethink your presentation and freshen content.

Problems with your website

When you understand what your website is doing for you, then you’re in a stronger position to manage and maintain its good health. More and more websites have made for a fiercely competitive market and coupled with Google’s more sophisticated ways, it’s easy to understand why a website slips down search results if it’s not constantly being tended.