Getting to the top of Google

Oh, to the top of Google! There’s more to writing a new post or page for your website, which is great in itself, but it requires some tuning behind the scenes to get – and then keep – the post at the top of Google search engine results.

Keywords for Google

Check out what keywords are popular in google searches around your subject and use them in your heading. Check out this related post about SEO and headings

Really focus on one or possibly two keywords (or phrases) – ones which describe your content without wasting words.  Having done this, use the keywords within the first sentence (google likes to see that the copy is really about what the heading says it will be) to start your post off, but always making sure that the keywords are relevant to your copy.

Linking for Google

It’s the links between webpages which make the internet.  A page without links out is a bit like driving in to a dead-end road – you have to turn round to get out again! Make a link and share other relevant posts or pages in your website.

Use your focus keyword in the other posts to strengthen the association between the two. Share your article on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, again using your focus keywords.  Remembering the different time zones around the world, you can also increase your impact by scheduling your tweets or Facebook posts to match different global markets.

Improved Page Speed for Gooogle

The time it takes a page to load will affect its position on the Google results, so speed is important.

If you are using WordPress or Joomla, check inside and remove any unnecessary plugins or widgets from the installation.   Then install a good caching plugin to increase server performance and reduce download times, or better still, use a managed wordpress dedicated hosting company like WPEngine who handle all the caching for you.

Make sure that any images you are using have been reduced in size (in terms of data, not necessarily physical dimensions!) which can be done quite easily without any loss of quality.  Photoshop has a setting ‘Save for Web’ which will do just this and you can read more about how to optimize images for the web here .

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