Why worry about managing websites?

The website, an important business asset, a window into your business world, proof that you are credible, viable and thriving – or so it should be.

Having invested a hefty sum in website redesign, it’s important to ear-mark a sum, each year, to invest and keep up with content and interaction design (writing copy, navigation support) and web management itself.  If not, quickly the new website will look outdated and suffering from link rot and other tell-tale signs of neglect.

The world of websites is an integrated one today, with no distinct line of demarcation between what was called ‘Marketing’ and ‘Technology’.

Technology is used to drive the marketing forces to get information out and visitors in.  Poorly developed and supported technology leads to even the best-laid marketing plans falling flat with a dull thud.

Such integration has brought on an exciting world in which the two, marketing & technology, will mix, although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea all the time.

  • Manage contents regularly so that you keep your visitors engaged with what you’re currently doing
  • Use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to direct visitors to your main hub – your website
  • Optimise your content and stop your website groaning under the load of complex themes and unnecessarily large images
  • Make your website visible on the smallest gadget, smartphone or tablet
  • Speed up your website and increase your chances of climbing search engine results pages
  • Keep on top of software updates so that you’re running the best of the latest

Step-in Dee Stevens Web Studio management services; here to support you and your business so that your digital platforms do you justice.