Newsworthy blog posts

Regular newsletters make for really newsworthy and up-to-date posts on your blog. Up-coming events can be marked in a website’s calendar and often the contents of the Newsletter can be split across many categories of interest. Here are some ideas to bring the newsletter online in the most easy-to-digest fashion:

Make it interesting

We are all keen that our websites are interesting and quick to read and digest, aren’t we?!  I’m swamped with many too-good-to-miss blog posts from great people in their fields.  To be honest, I pop them to one side and hope that I’ll have time to read them at the weekend.  You can image what happens, can’t you?

Getting to the top of Google’s rankings is a sweet combination of

  • unique and relevant content
  • the social appreciation for it
  • a technically well tuned website

It’s obvious: people will process and then like or tweet faster if they can get your message quickly.

Make it easy to read

Short, sharp sentence will go a long way to get your post  to the top.  And there’s a tool to help you focus your mind while writing.

Write, and then paste your copy straight in to the Hemingway App.  You’ll be able to see, immediately, just how easy it is to read.

And how did I do?  Let me know.  But with a little bit of editing, this is now suitable for a 5th grader, which means fast reading for those of us well out of school!