Refreshing website copy

It may be time to think about refreshing website copy

Yes, I do understand that you spent good money having a new website designed and launched, but if you sit back now and do nothing, then as time passes, it will get out-of-date. It’s time to think about refreshing the website copy.

  • prove you’re alive & well
  • increase visitors’ interest
  • take control & do what you can yourself
  • rethink your presentation
  • freshen up content

A vibrant website will reflect what’s going on at the company now, how the company or business sees its partners, competition or industry sector. It will reflect the company’s ethos, philosophies and aspirations. It will connect to its social media platforms and really be taking part in the online world.

For now, here are 5 easy steps you can take to make your website better. Take time to consider the points carefully and you’ll be amazed at how a little investment here will make all the difference to your website.

Show that you are alive and active

Are there dates on your website? Have your events passed? Is all the information which is date-sensitive appropriate for now? How about checking you’ve got a good calendar system to show your visitors your ‘Upcoming Events’ and then let passed events drop off. Are there events happening elsewhere you could link to?

Increase interest

Visitors do want to know what you think and what’s important to you and your business! If you can blog, use your site to build up a repository of your contributions to your business field. People will thank you for it, and in so doing, you create a repository which enhances your reputation. It also gives a great platform for your visitors to add and comment and for you to reply to.

Take the reins

Having decided you need to be more active maintaining the dates & blog of your website, it’s probably time to pick up the reins! Really find out how you can get online and update your own website. The chances are that it’s been designed with you in mind and it’ll be a lot easier and less time-consuming than you thought.


Humans habitualise to a constant scenery. In other words, we notice when something changes. We’re programmed to do that because it helped us spot predictors or prey from our cave-dwelling days. Use this fact to make your website slightly different today from how it was yesterday with minimal fuss. It’s really very easy to tweak a colour here or there, or to change and upload new pictures. For this, you may need your web developer to help you, and will little time investment on their part you could achieve a radically different effect on yours.


With well-written and engaging copy, new life can be breathed back in to your website. Freshen your content. Ask yourself what works and what doesn’t. Check your links. Are they all still the ones you want? Do they all work? What about your links to your social platform? They should work (of course), be clearly visible without getting in the way, nor slow down your pageload speeds and encourage your visitors to engage with you socially. Remember, traffic can be two-way! Link back out socially, and encourage visitors to arrive from those platforms too.

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