Scanning web pages

There’s a lot of information out there, and we need to scan fast in order to get through it! Finding and extracting information from web pages is a highly tuned skill developed by visitors who trawl pages and filter out content.

So writing for visitors needs to in a form that they can process quickly and effectively.  And this form is scannable text – text from which they can gather their information almost immediately since it is within this time that they decide whether to stay or go.

Let me put this another way and you see how quickly you can read!

User Experience – Content Strategy

Busy web visitors will scan text to extract  information objectively and quickly within milliseconds of arriving on a page, during which time they will either decide to stay and explore further, or leave.

Present content to  website visitors
  • giving the conclusion first: don’t force them to hunt
  • using headlines: every word delivers a punch
  • in short paragraphs: visitors can quickly scan and pick up one idea
  • be objective: visitors don’t need to spend time filtering out ‘hype’
  • with lists: easier to scan than prose
  • using highlighted keywords with different fonts, colours, size

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