Web Design

Involving you in each step of the process, and ensuring you’re happy with every change along the way.

Updating your website? Carrying out a redesign? Launching your first website?
We can help make the process clear and simple, whichever route you take.

When your company decides to invest in a website, whether new or an update, it is not a small decision to make.

Your company website is your face to your customers. They judge you on what they see there, both in terms of ‘feel’ and functionality. Its actual ease-of-use can either delight or frustrate them and this will create a lasting impression determining whether they visit again or indeed, spend with you.

Don’t live with your old website and watch it be overtaken by your competitors who have already worked out a web solution for their business. Reach out for our Web Strategy & Design solutions. We listen to what you have to say and understand the challenges of getting your business working well online.

  • We build affordable websites for clients.
  • We offer a seamless experience with a handpicked team of specialists. You don’t need to go hunting for your own.
  • Our websites are not over engineered, over specified, crammed full of information or with too many clicks and exit routes.

Just simple, clean, easy to read websites
with clear benefits, clear messages and a clear ‘what to do now’.

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Altogether, making for more successful business websites.

Setting goals for your website and a purpose for each page

Web Design and Project Management

Working with you, and your team, to plan every step of the way.

This is where we can help, providing the technical knowhow plus the support and guidance required. Good project management is vital and we will work with your team to plan out each step of the project.

Strategy & Planning

  • We will sit down with you to identify key goals for your website, the purpose of every page and call to action. We will break down each phase and expertise required, as well as highlight any alternatives and risks involved.
  • We will draw from industry best practice as to the ideal layout for your website and incorporate methods to optimise performance. We will design with both social media channels and device-access in mind. Latest studies show that the majority of website viewing takes plan on a smartphone. So, it’s definitely something that cannot be ignored by any business.
  • You will get from us a recommended approach, an outline of requirements, an initial timescale and a proposed cost. We all know how fluid project requirements can be and so key review points will be plotted in. Therefore ensuring that the project is truly agile.

Building the design

  • We will help you pull together some great content – whether that’s working with copy and images that you already have or by providing copywriting services to produce a new and fresh presentation.
  • Most website viewing takes place on smartphones, and so we’ll carefully place words and images on each page so that they flow well down the smaller screens and make sure the site is easy to navigate.
  • The rise in the use of social media means that we’ll make it simple to share your content and follow your feeds.

Launch & Post-launch

  • SEO (search engine optimisation) finely tuning each page of content to draw visitors in from searches.
  • Site navigation, page flow, calls to action are built and skillfully crafted to match your design.
  • Matters of best practice security and disaster recovery are implemented. The site is tested, reviewed, tested & launched.
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Handpicked team

We Source the best external specialists to complement our technical skills, drawing from a network of graphics designers, copywriting, social media and marketing experts.

As a team, we have the flexibility to deliver a seamless experience across specialisations. We offer a full service and hassle free experience for your web design project.