Website Management

Efficient and helpful website management services in Guildford offered to SMEs, removing the pain and fear of website stagnation. For good.

Like any aspect of your business, websites need to be taken and managed as a whole, with strategy and vision.

At Dee Stevens Web Studio, a Guildford based wordpress website management business, I handle all manner of technical website and business requirements which crop up in the course of a normal day’s work.

Websites don’t stand still. If they are not updated or changed, then they will look dated, quickly. Your business is always changing, so why shouldn’t your website too?

Here’s how:

  • SEO tunning
  • Analytics & Search Console
  • Updating copy
  • Page layouts
  • New posts
  • Optimising images
  • Hosting environments
  • Email accounts
  • Page speed analysis
  Being there when issues arise and solving them quickly, with as little fuss as possible

Dee Stevens Web Studio has a range of website management services to offer, with a fast turnaround, freeing up your time to get on with what you do best, which is running your business.

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Websites optimised for search engines. Good SEO.

Website content

The content needs to be good. It needs to be interesting, informative, up-to-date and original. Reviewing this regularly by is important to rank well. Creating new copy, updating existing copy and images, embedding videos and checking that your contact details are still accurate are all great ways to be indexed afresh for google’s search results, weighing in your favour for page-ranking promotion, if the content is good.

I highly recommend regular reviews and updates of your website content and encourage you to take ownership of this. You can either give me the copy and I will upload it for you, or, if you’d rather not write it yourself, I can put you in touch with excellent copy writers.

User experience

We are so fast at processing information on a web page and we demand that we get the information we want quickly! If not, we go. People don’t read a website in the same way that they do a book, and there are tricks and treats we can use to help the visitor’s experience be as productive as possible.

Site speed

How well does your website perform? How does it look on mobile; how fast does it load and is it secure? These are all questions which depend on the combination of technologies your using and the hosting platforms your website site on.

Site speed is all about fast pages loading quickly for the visit. Fast pages are a combination of good server speeds, clean & lean software and great looking, fast loading images.

Website code is a constantly changing and evolving landscape. The fastest websites run the best versions of the most secure, tried and tested combinations on reliable and well-tuned hosting solutions – at a reasonable cost with excellent customer service.

Website management as a tool for success

Be current and up-to-date

If there are dates on your website, they need to be current. There is nothing that ages a website faster than copy referring to dates in the past. If you’re running events regularly, you’d probably benefit from using events calendar software.

Regularly check that your content is still appropriate for today’s market conditions. Updates will instantly bring it back to life especially while you archive the old.

Be an authority in your field

Talk about what you know about. Other people want to hear what you think and discover what’s important to you and your business. Well-written and engaging copy will breathe life back in to your website and present you as an authority in your field.

Be sociable

Share your thoughts and discoveries with others via social media and use links back to your website to draw them in to what you have to offer.

Set goals

You’ll want to know how many visits you get to your website. Each page needs to perform. Use website analytics to measure performance against goals.

Embrace new technologies

As software becomes cleverer and hardware becomes faster, it may be time to think about what you are using, where and why. For example, should you switch hosting company so that you can run your website at speed?

Think about your business email boxes and whether they’re named to receive the inquiries you want from your website.

It’s also very important not to overlook the management of websites from attacks from bots and hackers, and to protect against any security loopholes which inevitably arise.

Website management at a comfortable pace

At Dee Stevens Web Studio, I don’t believe in being at the ‘bleeding edge’. Instead, I recommend taking the ‘leading edge’ in all that is proven, new and bright.

It is this that brings in the new features and functionality – things that you’ll find useful to you and your business.

With recommendations from me, and ideas from you, we can develop and grow your website to give you what you want and need as a business – managing your website and keeping it ahead of the game.